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Posted Date 6/16/2020

Executive Director - Shalem Mental Health Network

An Executive Search conducted by Nelson/Kraft and Associates on behalf of Shalem Mental Health Network.

Executive Summary 

Shalem Mental Health Network is a faith-based, Ontario-wide network that provides responsive and preventive mental health support to individuals, families and communities.  Our support services seek to restore hope as we develop new, innovative partnerships between communities and professional mental health services, using the strengths of each to effectively meet real mental health needs.  Shalem Mental Health Network is seeking an Executive Director who will be key in building a team both within the agency and with client agencies.

With a track record of implementing vision and mission, you will work closely with the board to guide the organization.  You will bring a fresh perspective to developing partnerships with mental health agencies, churches, workplaces, and schools. Most importantly, you will have a passion for equipping and supporting communities to better embrace the needs of people who struggle with emotional distress or mental illness. 

Our DreamVision

Every person is thriving in healthy relationships in strong communities, regardless of circumstances. 

Our PartMission

Shalem Mental Health Network accompanies persons and communities as they journey towards emotional health and mental wellness.  We do so through our unique contributions of

  • Serving and advocating for clients
  • Strengthening communities to meet the needs of their most vulnerable members
  • Developing effective partnerships between communities and professional mental health supports
  • Discovering and sharing best practices with others

Our DNAValues

As followers of Jesus Christ, grounded in His ministry of compassion and healing for all, we value:

  • Hope –We believe that hope, emerging in the midst of lament, can enable every person to embrace the fullness of life.
  • Community for all –We understand that healing flourishes through healthy supportive relationships.
  • Partnership –We network and work collaboratively with communities that contribute to emotional health and mental wellness.
  • Stewardship –We are faithful to the purpose for which resources are given and manage them with transparency and accountability.
  • Professionalism –We adhere to professional ethics and best practices.
  • Creativity –We contribute to community-based research and practice through our innovation and resourcefulness.

Your Role – Executive Director

As Executive Director you will act primarily as a team builder within the agency and its client agencies.  You will be accountable directly to the Board and its mandated committees and charged with the supervision and direction of all operations of the agency and the supervision of all volunteers and employees. With the guidance and assistance of the Board, you will be responsible for planning and developing the agency’s client services and maintaining both professional standards of service delivery and consistency of moral and theological perspectives. 

Education and Qualifications: 

  • Master’s Degree in Social Work, Psychology, Health Administration or relevant field is preferred;
  • Registration in a professional College relevant to Shalem’s work;
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in non-profit executive leadership;
  • Managerial experience in mental health services provision is preferred;
  • Experience that includes a combination of non-psychotherapy community-based mental health and psychotherapy is desirable;
  • Ability to articulate the integration of their faith with their management philosophy and mental health practice;
  • Commitment to a restorative approach to relationships, especially staff relationships;
  • Experience in working collaboratively with community-based mental health agencies and with government funders;
  • Understanding of various mental health clinical models, with a commitment to and fidelity with attachment-focused clinical models (Shalem’s clinical approach) is desirable;
  • Ability to manage, inspire, and motivate staff and volunteers;
  • Experience in fundraising and budgeting;
  • Proficiency in public speaking.  

Internal Focus: 

Organizational Vision and Development

1)  The Executive Director is responsible for supporting the Board’s ongoing, dynamic visioning process for Shalem, and for leading and guiding the implementation of the vision and mission of Shalem as articulated by the Board. The Executive Director will accomplish this goal by: 

  • Contributing to the Board’s visioning conversations;
  • Implementing the Board’s vision and policies;
  • Managing and administering Shalem’s operations, including finances, employees, and volunteers;
  • Creating a healthy relational climate for staff and volunteers, where staff and volunteers are both professionally challenged and supported to meet those challenges, and where staff and volunteers are appropriately supervised and evaluated;
  • Helping to secure adequate funds for operations;
  • In instances that require specialized expertise outside of the Board’s or the Executive Director’s purview, the Executive Director supports the Board in recruiting and engaging the appropriate expertise. 

Client Services

2)  With the guidance of the Board, the Executive Director is responsible for the development and supervision of all the agency’s client services. This includes: 

  • Ensuring professional standards of service and professionally recognized codes of ethics are adhered to;
  • Ensuring the consistent application of a relationally healthy practice, guided by a biblical, moral and theological perspective, in support of the staff and volunteers who deliver Shalem’s services, and in the context created for client services delivery. 

Risk Management

3)  The Executive Director is responsible for Shalem-wide risk and liability management. This includes: 

  • Ensuring that Shalem is in compliance with all legislation, including all legal obligations flowing from Shalem’s status as a registered charity in Canada;
  • Ensuring all required records are maintained up-to-date and reports are filed in a timely manner;
  • Apprising the Board of Directors as soon as possible of any potential legal issue, matter or vulnerability. 
  • Occasionally, establishing, evaluating and implementing a risk management exercise to highlight the agency’s vulnerabilities or possible threat to continued operations, the content of which is shared with the Board. 

Outward Focus: 

Partnership Development

4)  In the context of Shalem’s continual pursuit of innovative practice, rooted in the development of new relationships between the professional mental health sector and communities, the Executive Director oversees the continual engagement, development, and sustaining of partnerships with Shalem.  

  • Partners include professional mental health leaders and agencies, communities such as churches, multi-faith communities, neighbourhoods, workplaces and schools;
  • Shalem’s pursuit of innovative practice is coordinated by our Centre of Excellence and Learning. The Executive Director is tasked with managing the Centre, as well as bolstering and facilitating its publication, training, and evaluation initiatives. 

Communications and Fund Development Collaboration

5)  The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing Shalem’s Communications and Advancement. This includes: 

  • Developing a communications plan, including print, digital, and verbal media;
  • Maintaining relationships with the organization’s partners, funders, the professional mental health sector, as well as Shalem’s supporting constituency, staff, volunteers and Board;
  • Overseeing and managing Shalem’s finances;
  • Partnering effectively with the Shalem Mental Health Foundation Board and staff;
  • Maintain relationships with Shalem’s supporting constituency, as well as vision, lead, and participate in the organization’s fundraising initiatives. 

LOCATION: Hamilton, ON Canada 



Please send your cover letter and resume to Mark Kraft at info@nelsonandkraft.com

A complete Opportunity Profile is available upon request. 

Please note, qualified candidates for this search must be a Canadian resident at the time of application. 


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