Pastor Sorrento Evangelical Free Church

Sorrento Evangelical Free Church | Sorrento, BC

Posted Date 12/04/2018



Job Description


Our Church is looking for a pastor who will be part time although we as a Board and a congregation are not able to clearly identify what that term might mean. Sorrento Evangelical Free Church is a small church with limited finances but a vision for what could be. Over the years it has become an outreach for seniors in what was once a largely retirement community and partly as a result, we have embraced a more traditional style of worship. The community has changed and there are many younger families and early retirement couples who have moved here from the Prairies and the Lower Mainland.


We are looking for a pastor with the following;


Preferred Personal Skills:


Our congregation is known for its friendliness and warmth to new comers, visitors and each other. We see ourselves as a family, and we are looking for someone with excellent relational skills and the ability to listen to folks and be sensitive the needs of individuals, their concerns, aspirations, worries and sometimes pain. Most of us are seniors and seniors come with their own unique issues.


We are looking for someone who is also willing to work with our community and willing to get to know folks who do not belong to our church.


Preferred Professional Skills


Our congregation is quite willing to be active and participate in the ministry of the church but we look for someone who is student of God’s Word and is a good preacher.  At present, we have a Sunday morning Bible study but many of us would like a mid week study as well which could be led by someone from our congregation.


There are minimal administration duties since we do not own our own building and there is no church office in a separate building.


Job Responsibilities


Since this is a part time position, we do not expect a full time commitment but understand that it is difficult to draw a time and responsibility boundary. The pastor will be responsible for the Sunday morning service and to do the appropriate amount of prayer, study and preparation needed to be effective. The pastor shall be responsible for administering the ordinances of baptism and communion at the regularly scheduled and special services.


The pastor will be responsible to attend Board meetings, committee meetings as needed (there are very few of those), counseling as needed, and being active in the lives of our congregation


Ministry Focus
Employment Status
Part time

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