Bookkeeper/Junior Accountant

Meadowvale East Apostolic Church | Scarborough, ON, Canada

Posted Date 2/08/2024

Meadowvale East Apostolic Church

Church Bookkeeper/Accountant

 Job Description


Job Title: Bookkeeper

Reports To: Pastor McGann and or Board of Directors

Position Status: Part-time days - Tues-Thurs 3-5 hours/day (9-15 hours per week)

Position Pay: $20.00/hour


Overview of Position: The Bookkeeper/Accountant is hired by Pastor McGann with the responsibility to maintain the Church’s financial records, including but not limited to: General Ledger, Payroll, Accounts Payable and Contributions for 3 set-of Books – Meadowvale East, Vaughan and 3 Budea Crescent

Job Responsibilities and Duties:

Accounts Payable/ Receivable

  • Make related journal entries for weekly cash deposits after Admin input in Donarius (Contribution tracking software). This is an automated function with the Admin creating an Upload File from Donarius
  • Monitor and maintain the cash flow.
  • Enter and Process Bills for payment and maintain records in QuickBooks (Accounting Software) including check generation


General Accounting and Budgeting

  • Assist the Church in preparing a yearly budget draft for review and adoption by the Board of Directors
  • Keep accounts and funds current.
  • Perform Bank Reconciliation on all Bank Accounts and investment accounts.
  • Assist in maintaining and revising written accounting procedures in the areas of: cash processing, general ledger, accounts payable, payroll, and fiscal oversight.
  • Perform other necessary and related work as may be assigned.


  • Process payroll (every 2 weeks for hourly and 2 times per month for salary)
  • Pay monthly payroll taxes, file quarterly and annual payroll returns, prepare end of year T4, T4A forms, and maintain records.


  • Obtain and record pledges made during the annual stewardship drive.
  • Reconcile contributions in General Ledger to Donarius on a monthly basis.
  • Enter weekly contributions to general fund, building fund, special funds, and donor designated funds, that are not recoded in Donarius
  • Prepare and send out annual giving reports to contributors using Donarius
  • Keep confidential all financial contribution information.


Reports and Reconciliation

  • Back up reports, as needed or required.
  • Prepare monthly financial statements for the Pastor & Board of Director. This will typically include balance sheet, income statement, and monthly pledging trends; statements may also include financial activities related to a capital campaign or other special financial circumstances, as requested.
  • Present financial records to the Treasurer to take to the Bishop’s Committee monthly meeting.
  • Prepare year-end financial reports for annual meeting.
  • Prepare for and cooperate with those appointed to perform audits of financials on an annual basis

Reconcile and Prepare annual filing of HST/GST Returns

Ministry Focus
Employment Status
Part time

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