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Willowdale Baptist Church | North York, ON

Posted Date 5/01/2019

Willowdale Baptist Church is a diverse urban local church in the heart of North York in Toronto. We are committed to presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people, encouraging them to become fully committed followers of Jesus Christ.

We are currently looking for a part time ministry Coordinator who will be responsible for oversight of the church's 'in house' ministries: prinicipally children's and youth ministry, as well as assisting in communication, administration, and special event cooridnation.




Spring, 2019

The Ministry Co-ordinator will work to support many of the ministries of the church under the

leadership of the Senior Pastor. This person will work together seamlessly with others on the

church staff as we function as a team to accomplish the ministry vision that the Lord is

imparting to staff and church leadership. The successful candidate will work for 20 hours per


The successful candidate will be a team-oriented, positive, humble and teachable immersionbaptized

follower of Jesus Christ who seeks to honour the Lord in all areas of his/her life. The

Ministry Co-ordinator will attempt to exhibit a lifestyle that brings glory to the Saviour. The

successful candidate will have demonstrated experience in leadership and mentorship.He/she

will be able to participate in church services in a leadership role. The Ministry Co-ordinator

should have the gifts of encouragement and administration.

Because of the nature of the position, working closely with local volunteers and lay leaders,

consideration will be given to the person living or who is willing to relocate into the North

York area within a 30 minute commute of the church.

The Ministry Co-ordinator will be in agreement with WBC’s statement of faith and bylaws and

will become a member of WBC if he/she is not already. Experience in leadership in an

evangelical church setting is an asset, as is Bible College or Seminary training.

The following are the general roles and responsibilities of the Ministry Co-ordinator. The

duties may be further clarified as the successful candidate begins the ministry and finds their

place in the WBC staff ministry team.

1. Oversight of WBC’s “in house” (ie. not specifically outreach-related) ministries

Most of these groups fall currently in the area of children’s and youth ministries-- including

Babyland, Sunday School, Children’s Moment, Middle School and High School ministries. A

primary responsibility will be the recruitment, training, mentorship and encouragement of lay

ministry leaders.

2. Assisting other staff and ministry leaders in the co-ordination of volunteers

Like any church, WBC includes many volunteers with the continual need for more. The

Ministry Co-ordinator will help recruit, train and screen volunteers to WBC’s ministries while

not taking away from the volunteer co-ordination already done by worship co-ordinators,

worship leaders and other ministry leads.

3. General input into WBC’s website, social media presence, communication pieces and


Communication, both within the congregation and to the community about WBC’s ministry, is

an important area of the Ministry Co-ordinator’s responsibilities as he/she works with other

staff and volunteers. These areas may include updating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. as

well as participating in preparing the bulletin and calendars among other things. The social

media team will include the Ministry Co-ordinator, Office Administrator, Pastor of Outreach

and Discipleship and other select tech-savvy volunteers.

This group may also work on other communication needs including updating the screen in the

lobby, finishing the church re-branding, and keeping the welcome centre and welcome

packages functioning well. Others of WBC’s leaders already have a vested interest in the area

of social media, branding, and communication… and can, therefore, be relied upon for

significant help in this area.

4. Assisting in office administration

The successful candidate will, by nature of the job, work closely with the Office

Administrator of WBC. The Ministry Co-ordinator may cover for some office administration

duties when the Office Administrator is not present.

5. Special event co-ordination

The successful candidate will take leadership in the planning and preparation for the

occasional special events of the church including potluck dinners or other social events.The

duties will also include general oversight and leadership of any special summer events, like

VBS, and co-ordinating any Summer Students we may have working with us.

6. Other duties

Other ministry responsibilities will be assigned by the Senior Pastor as the successful

candidate becomes part of the WBC staff team and as needs arise in the ministry. The Ministry

Co-ordinator will be expected to attend and take part in staff meetings (currently on Tuesday

mornings) and attend the Sunday morning services (except when on vacation or leave),

making sure to arrive at least half an hour before the service time to be available should any

of the Sunday morning children’s workers need assistance. The Ministry Co-ordinator should

expect to make occasional announcements in Sunday morning services as well. Attendance at

monthly Board of Management meetings is not an expectation for the Ministry Co-ordinator,

unless his/her input on a particular agenda item is needed.

Important Note:

The WBC staff and board are aware that this is not a full-time position as currently

advertised. It is not expected that the successful candidate will be able to achieve all the

expectations immediately. We are striving for a culture of team work and interdependence

where each leader feels empowered, encouraged and supported through the ups and downs of

ministry and where every staff member and volunteer can develop a healthy, balanced, Godfocused



Applications for this position will be accepted until July 31, 2019 after which time applicants

that the search team consider to be a good potential fit for the position will be contacted for

an interview.


Please apply with resume to Senior Pastor, Bruce Jones, at

or in the mail to:

Rev. Bruce Jones

Willowdale Baptist Church

15 Olive Avenue,

North York, ON M2N 4N4

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Part time

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