Associate Pastor of Family Ministries

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Posted Date 5/17/2019

Ministry Description for the Position of

Associate Pastor of Family Ministries


Title: Associate Pastor of Family Ministries

Reports To:  Board of Elders


Salem Church: Purpose and Vision

The purpose of Salem Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

The vision of Salem Church is that we will seek to be a church where everyone proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ at every opportunity.

All ministries of Salem Church are to align with the church’s doctrinal position and contribute to the realization of our purpose and vision statement.


Position Purpose:
To provide biblical direction, oversight, and training for Salem’s Family Ministry teams, and to equip parents in their role as primary disciplers of their children.


Position Summary:
The role of the Associate Pastor of Family Ministries exists as a catalyst in seeing the purpose and vision of Salem Church fulfilled. He will provide biblical direction, oversight, and training for Family Ministry teams. He will reinforce the significance of biblical foundations in families, in order to see parents become the primary champions for developing vibrant faith in their children, while the church is an empowering co-champion. He will develop and implement a plan for inspiring, equipping, and supporting parents to actively engage in the discipleship of their children. He will promote, and support the Real Life Discipleship model in both our Family and Small Group Ministries.


Church Profile:

Salem church has experienced a season of growth that has led to our need for an Associate Pastor of Family Ministries. The church has a rich history which began in 1899 with a few settlers coming to a new country.   Today we are a church family of over 300 people.  We are blessed to have both the wisdom of those in their later years together with many young families who have a desire to disciple their children.  In 2016 we moved into a new Christian Education wing including a gymnasium, Sunday School rooms, offices and kitchen.  This much needed expansion has been enjoyed by many and provides opportunity for continued expansion of our ministry.  The Pastor of Family Ministries is a new role in our church family. You can learn a little more about us at

We are part of the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches (FEBC).


Community Profile:

Salem Church is located in Waldheim, Saskatchewan.  Waldheim is an absolutely beautiful community of over 1200 people located only 50 kilometers from the north end of Saskatoon.  Waldheim has a K-12 school with over 400 students.  It is unique from other small towns in that it contains a healthy mix of those who are employed in the community and those who commute to Saskatoon.  This is because of the many amenities and businesses in Waldheim including the head offices for My Mutual Insurance and Mennonite Trust Limited.  There are a growing number of people who have come to appreciate its proximity to Saskatoon while still maintaining the benefits of small town living.   You will find further information at



Apply with a cover letter and resume by email to




  1. Family Building
  • Make intentional connections with new Church families and introduce them to the ministries of Salem.
  • Help individuals to discover their spiritual gifts and encourage them to serve in the areas of their gifting within the Church.
  • Equip and shepherd parents in their role as primary disciplers of their children through teaching, training, biblical counselling, and Small Group accountability.
  • Build healthy relationships with children, youth, young adults, and parents and be available to parents as a sounding board and to provide prayer, counsel, and mentorship.
  • Encourage and facilitate connections between families. This should include ministries that families can participate in together, as well as intergenerational discipleship opportunities.


  1. Ministry Team Building
    (Current teams include Sunday School, Brigade, Gems, Children’s Church and Nursery)
  • Reinforce an atmosphere of the significance of our Family Ministries within our congregation
  • Team Leader Care
    • Intentionally care for and equip the ministry leadership teams, paying attention to the spiritual gifts of the individual leaders.
    • Encourage the ministry team leaders to be growing as disciples.
    • Help family ministry leadership teams to set appropriate strategies and goals in their specific area of ministry in order to help fulfill the overall mission and vision of Salem.
    • Encourage individual team members in their roles, and how they are an integral part of the disciple making process.
  • Personnel Placement
    • Collaborate with the ministry team leaders to identify, recruit, train and equip volunteers within each team.
  • Ministry Team Support
    • Provide biblical direction, spiritual guidance and care for Family Ministry teams.
    • Support and participate with ministry teams in setting vision and reaching their goals.
    • Provide and/or recommend appropriate teacher training for ministry leaders and teachers.
    • Support and assist ministry teams in their communication with families.
  • Teaching Resources
    • Lead Ministry teams in evaluating and selecting curriculum and ensure that curriculum used meets the specific age-appropriate needs and helps in reaching the ministry goals.
    • Collaborate with Family Ministry leaders and the library staff to identify and make available age-appropriate and faith strengthening resources in order to assist families in growing as disciples.
  • Administration and Management
    • Lead the application process for our ministry volunteers.
    • Create a safe environment for children and youth in order to foster growth in spiritual maturity through the implementation of the Safe Place Ministry Policy.
    • Coordinate the Family Ministry budget and capital expenditures requests.


  • Promote, develop & support the individuals who are doing one-to-one discipleship and the leaders of Real Life Discipleship type groups.
    • Collaborate with the Pastoral Staff to build a strong relational discipling culture among children, youth, young adults and parents.
    • Take family ministry leaders through the Real Life Discipleship leadership training.
    • Have an ongoing relationship with small group leaders/those discipling others with the purpose of supporting and equipping them.
    • Encourage small group leaders to develop ‘new’ leaders to work with them, so that growth and branching out of small groups becomes natural.
    • Encourage and facilitate the process of starting new discipleship/small groups.
    • Be involved in one-to-one discipleship where appropriate.



  • Assist with the pastoral needs of the congregation
  • Shepherding and Administrative Care
  • Preaching and Teaching

(The full determination of these duties will be based upon the individual’s gifts together with the current needs in the church).



The person called to the ministry of Associate Pastor of Family Ministries must be in agreement with Salem Church’s Articles of Faith, Mission, Vision and Core Values. 

  1. Purpose

The purpose of Salem Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

A disciple is one who is Following Jesus (Head) "Follow me...."?
A disciple is one who is Being Changed by Jesus (Heart) "and I will make you..."?
A disciple is one who is Committed to the mission of Jesus (Hands) "fishers of men."

"Follow me and I will make you fishers of men." Mathew 4:19

  1. Vision

The vision of Salem Church is that we will seek to be a church where everyone proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ at every opportunity.

  1. Core Values

Mission: We are committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ. Through a biblically balanced fellowship of mutual caring, instruction, and accountability, individuals will be encouraged to exercise their spiritual gifts.

Majesty: We are committed to providing all generations opportunities for passionate worship.

Ministry: We are committed to having all believers understanding and serving in the ways God has gifted and prepared them to serve.

Missions: We are committed to the training, sending and supporting of our missionaries.




-   Must be a mature Christian believer

-   Must be qualified for leadership within the church, possessing the elder qualities listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Peter 5:1-4.

-   The ability to teach the Bible effectively

-   The ability to develop and work together in a team

-   The ability to provide Biblical counsel and encouragement to individuals and families as they pass through various real life situations

-   The ability to equip and empower others to lead

-   The ability to shepherd small group leaders

-   Previous experience in this area of ministry (preferred, but not restricted to 3 years)

-   Must have a degree from a recognized Bible College or Seminary, preferably related to the area of family ministries



-   Must be willing to become a member of Salem Church, and be willing to work   in cooperation with the other churches in Waldheim.


Structures of Accountability

- The Associate Pastor of Family Ministries is accountable to the Board of Elders and will be required to submit a monthly written report of activities and
expenditures.  Attendance at Board of Elder meetings will be required.

- The Associate Pastor of Family Ministries is accountable to the Lead Pastor in
regards to the general flow of day to day activities.

- The Associate Pastor of Family Ministries is responsible to maintain a balance between giving leadership to the ministry teams and working alongside the
adult leaders on these teams.


Spiritual Growth

-   As an associate pastor of Salem Church, it is expected that intentional personal steps be taken to ensure spiritual health and growth.

-   It is expected that the Associate Pastor will make it a goal to set aside from half to a full day a month for personal spiritual retreat using our DAWG Day
Covenant as a guide (Day Away With God).  This day provides a unique
opportunity for prayer, Bible reading, worship, silence, journaling, meditation,
stillness, fasting, devotional reading and listening.


Ministry Resources







The Associate Pastor within this role can expect to have the following resources available:
- Spiritually developed and skilled members of the church family willing to
   volunteer when and where needed
- Budgeted finances designated by the congregation to be used in specific
   areas of ministry
- An expense account to reimburse ministry expenses such as mileage
- The Elder Team may also determine to make resources available from their
   budget for professional development of the Associate Pastor



This job description will be annually discussed and reviewed by the elders together with the Associate Pastor.


Ministry Focus
Employment Status
Full time

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