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International Teams Canada Inc. | Elmira, ON

Posted Date 4/04/2019

International Teams Canada Inc. (iTeams Canada) is a growing, innovative Christian non-profit organization dedicated to meeting the physical and spiritual needs of widows, orphans, and refugees around the globe.  We provide infrastructure, expertise, resources, services and training to our programs and partners.  A commitment to iTeams Canada’s Core Values, Code of Conduct, Statement of Faith, Vision and Mission is required.

Position: Finance Manager

Type: Full-time, 4 days/week (Monday-Thursday) (28 hours)

Length: 13 Month (Mat Leave) Contract

Approximate Start: June 2019

Annual Salary: Starting at $34,000


Job Purpose:  The primary purpose of the Finance Manager is to support the organization's mission, vision and values through the oversight of iTeams Canada’s Finance Department. They will be responsible for the performance of a variety of duties that includes maintaining accurate financial records, overseeing budget production and audits, proper reconciliation of transactions and accounts, and producing accurate financial reports.  

Core Competencies:

  • Attention to Detail
  • Communication (Written & Oral)
  • Initiative                   
  • Integrity
  • Decision Making            
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving     
  • Resource/Fiscal Management

Overview of Duties / Responsibilities:

  • Direct supervision and management of the Finance Department, with an emphasis on directing work at any given time towards the goals and objectives of iTeams Canada.
  • Management of financial transactions, including weekly approval of payables, cashflow, authorization of semi-monthly payroll and semi-monthly donation PAPs, as well as, preparation and authorization of wires to programs on a monthly & periodic basis.
  • Decision making required with regards to expense allocation, standard financial transactions, proper organization, filing, and accounting of financial information.   
  • Review international program financial reports as they are received. Review for accuracy, exchange rates, etc. and enter data into accounting software to ensure up-to-date accounting of program funds.
  • Process monthly journal entries and month end procedures in accounting software for accurate and precise financial reporting.
  • Prepare accurate and timely monthly financial reports for programs and the overall organization using Microsoft Dynamics SL (Formerly Solomon) Software & FRx, and share reports with the appropriate Program Champion or director for program monitoring and decision making, using Google Drive
  • Review all Monthly Financial Statements and reports for the organization, including programs and operations, in order to ensure accuracy, compliance to budgets, and good fiscal management.
  • Monthly communicate via email with other iTeams National Offices in order to reconcile any accounts  and prepare wire transfers as required. As needed, communicate regarding agreements and finances for clarity and cooperation in ongoing global fellowship.  
  • Respond to employee and program champion inquiries in order to help problem solve, manage crises, and provide thoughtful advice and solutions. Communicate as necessary, via email and phone, regarding expense reports to ensure details are accurate, and field any questions regarding content
  • Management of employees or contractors, including check-ins for the purpose of answering questions, addressing issues, and ensuring tasks are aligned with organizational goals and objectives
  • Manage and prepare government forms related to Clergy Residence Deduction for applicable employees. Provide employees with forms for pre-approval on an annual basis, as well as annual form with T4.
  • Prepare annual program budgets in collaboration with Program Specialists and Program Champions and integrate with the overall Organizational Budget.
  • Facilitate the annual budget preparation using knowledge of the finances, analytical thinking and a problem-solving ability for the purpose of a balanced budget, under the direction of the CEO.
  • Prepare annual T4s for employees.
  • Prepares year-end reconciliations, working papers, and financial statements for the Audit in order to present a clear and accurate representation of iTeams Canada’s financial position.
  • Oversee and facilitate reporting to the Canada Revenue Agency and other government bodies in order to ensure accuracy in government reporting and compliance with government requirements, including annual T3010, annual T4 submission, semi-annual HST rebate filing and annual EHT filing.
  • Other duties as required and assigned.
  • Skills: Administration, Computer Skills, Customer Service & Organization


    • Responsible for maintaining an accurate accounting of financial information and data as it pertains to this role, and ensuring balanced reporting, and organized financial records
    • Must maintain the confidentiality of financial transactions and information, and private personnel and donor information as it pertains to iTeams Canada.
    • To serve employees and service personnel in a knowledgeable and friendly way, in order to ensure proper communication and administration of accounting.
    • Contribute to team conversations regarding spiritual transformation goals and objectives, contribute role functions, ideas, and solutions to aid in these goals


Education: College degree or diploma and additional certification and specialized training as needed.

     E.g. Business Administration Diploma in Accounting or similar

  • Specialized Knowledge/Certifications/Licenses:
    • The ability to learn and use the following are required:
      • Microsoft Dynamics SL (Formerly Solomon) Software
      • EasyPay
      • Crystal Reports
      • Google Drive (Google docs, e-mail, calendar)
  • Experience: Minimum of 2-5 years of experience in a related field.


Interested applicants may send a cover letter and resume outlining their qualifications and experience to:

Danica Chamberlain

Finance Manager

1 Union Street

Elmira, ON        N3B 3J9

519.669.8844  ext. 1050


We appreciate and thank you for your interest. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.


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Relief & Development
Employment Status
Contract | Full time

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